It all started when...


“Colfax Avenue, the most infamous street in Colorado, and perhaps in the U.S, is synonymous with Denver. This famous road, once dubbed by Hugh Hefner in the 70's to be the "Longest, Wickedest Street in America," in my opinion still lives up to that title. Colfax Avenue has it all; from the rich to the poor, and everything in between. Whatever you want in the entire world can be found on these 26.1 miles of road.”  Excerpt from Eazy on The Denver Public Library website (”  

With all of Colfax’s color and variety what Colfax nor Denver doesn’t have is a tribute to all of Colorado’s mountain saloons.  You know the ones; woody/rustic, a mountain dog w/ a bandana patently waiting in a jeep just outside, log cabin/country store feel, dollar bills and hats hanging from the ceiling, and more than a few stuffed wild life animals hanging or displayed everywhere.  These saloons are just down to earth and comfortable for all.  From road-tripping families to bikers to the mountain locals, everyone is conversing and enjoying comfort food and a beer.  This is what we want to bring to the city and Colfax for the neighborhood and those who just haven’t the time to venture up the hill.  Welcome to The Owl Saloon.

Out with the Ram and in with the Owl.  Bar Car (on the NW corner of Colorado Blvd. & 8th Ave. at 819 Colorado Blvd.) owners Victor Muniz and Jeremy Matzke (a.k.a. the DrinkSlinger) are excited to bring that mountain saloon feel to Colfax Ave and Denver.  The Bar Car, and now The Owl Saloon, is a locally owned neighborhood bar that boasts comfort, fun, reasonably priced food & drinks, and strong community partnerships.   Although The Owl Saloon is not a sports bar you will always find local professional sports teams on our 4 large televisions while enjoying a comfortable setting for conversations with old and new friends.  GO BRONCOS!  You can also find a jukebox played at a comfortable level and occasionally live music, so that the neighborhood doesn’t have to go far from home to enjoy a night out.  And just like its sister bar, Bar Car, we will celebrate legendary rock star’s birthday with live music, like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.

So when you just need to get out but have the hankering for our mountain saloon hospitality, stop by The Owl Saloon and see woo’s there and say “hello”.  We are certain you’ll have a hoot!


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